Rob Harvie

Senior Management

  • David Best, Manager
  • Sandy Feldman, Manager
  • Rob Harvie, Director and Founder
Sandy Feldman

Web Accessibility, Usability and Technical Testing

  • Sandy Feldman, Team Lead
  • David Best, Senior Analyst
  • Dr. Antonio Gamba-Bari, Senior Developer
  • Geof Collis, Analyst
  • Johnny Taylor, Analyst
  • Derek Wilson, Analyst
David Best

Video Accessibility


  • Jordan Soanes, Team Lead


  • Rob Harvie, Team Lead
Jeff Orchard Johnny Taylor
Charles Silverman

With Thanks to Charles Silverman

Co‑Founder and Lead Developer on the CapScribe 3 Project

This photo of Charles Silverman was in the November 21, 1993 Sunday New York Times on the front page of the business section.

Charles is wearing an early heads-up display. He was part of a focus group organized by NCAM (National Center for Accessible Media) at WGBH TV in Boston. Their goal was to inform accessibility solutions in movie theatres.