Rob Harvie

Senior Management

  • David Best, Manager
  • Sandy Feldman, Manager
  • Rob Harvie, Director and Founder
Sandy Feldman

Web Accessibility, Usability and Technical Testing

  • Sandy Feldman, Team Lead
  • David Best, Senior Analyst
  • Jeff Orchard, Senior Analyst
  • Geof Collis, Analyst
  • Johnny Taylor, Analyst
  • Derek Wilson, Analyst
David Best

Video Accessibility


  • Wesley Ghent, Team Lead
  • Jordan Soanes, Team Lead


  • Rob Harvie, Team Lead
Jeff Orchard Johnny Taylor
Charles Silverman

With Thanks to Charles Silverman

Co‑Founder and Lead Developer on the CapScribe 2.0 Project

This photo of Charles Silverman was in the November 21, 1993 Sunday New York Times on the front page of the business section.

Charles is wearing an early heads-up display. He was part of a focus group organized by NCAM (National Center for Accessible Media) at WGBH TV in Boston. Their goal was to inform accessibility solutions in movie theatres.