Services: web and video accessibility

Web accessibility

Meet Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) website compliance requirements

Inclusive Media makes sure that your organization meets AODA Information and Communication and W3C Web Content Accessibilty Guidelines (WCAG) standards. Our team will evaluate your site, providing comprehendable recommendations and tips on how to implement them. We analyze source code and use a range of assistive technologies to identify digital barriers within your virtual real estate – on top of the usual automated tools that other services tend to solely rely upon.

We work with the people involved in the project, from administrators and writers to the coders of the site, teaching what makes a site accessible. We check templates for accessibility and help remediate and optimize them. We provide resources to help the job get done right, providing your team with the know-how to provide and maintain access for all.

Video accessibility

Captioning with a human touch

Our captions are handcrafted by real people who know how to create highly readable and accurate captions. Satisfied clients include a wide range of universities, museums, government ministries and departments, and businesses. We focus on captioned media (video and audio) for web deployment.

Captioned media provides the viewer with a verbatim, synchronized text display of all spoken words as well as non-speech sounds.

People who have hearing loss, a learning disability, or speak English as a second language – or anyone who finds it difficult to hear the audio track for whatever reason – will benefit from captioned media.

Description with experience

At Inclusive Media and Design, we provide affordable video description – specializing in content for web, computer, and DVD. Our video descriptions provide the user with an accurate and efficient narrative of visual information, and details that cannot be explained by the main soundtrack alone.

People who are blind or have vision loss benefit the most from description, as well as anyone without full access to the video track. Description can clarify or reinforce information being presented, which is benefical to everyone.

We provide affordable and accurate descriptions. Our video description software helps to speed up the description creation process. We offer a synthetic voice option – something already familiar to most users without eyesight – which reduce expenses dramatically.